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At Westchester Education Services, we understand product development, and we strive to identify what differentiates your products. We adapt to your thought process and workflow in order to help you create market-leading products.

How do we work with you?

Our product development processes conform to your needs, adapting to your internal workflows. Whether we are developing a full-service program or augmenting your products with key enhancements, we apply the following steps to integrate with and extend your product development team.

Westchester's 6Cs approach to product development:

how we work

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We look forward to helping you develop your educational products.

Whether you are adapting an existing program to sell in a new market or creating a product from scratch, we apply the principles above to align ourselves with what makes your company, your products, and your development objectives stand out.

Our ability to customize processes to fit your needs while following proven practices developed over decades of experience means that we can deliver to your expectations, project after project. This is what makes Westchester your trusted partner in education.

Contact us, and let's talk about how the Westchester approach can work for you.