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The design and art teams at Westchester Education Services create imaginative, attention-grabbing layouts for your educational content.

Well-designed pages enhance student comprehension, and engaging imagery helps students grasp difficult concepts more easily. Our art and design teams consistently create effective visual content to support all subject areas across all grade levels.

"You nailed it!" - SVP Creative, national educational publisher

Explore some of our design work:

Westchester’s design capabilities include:

  • Cover, interior, and feature design
  • Prototype development
  • Creative paging
  • Design review
  • Digital design for interactive products

Our design and art teams are skilled in scaling an existing look-and-feel to older or younger audiences. The team works seamlessly with our curriculum development and production teams, using a collaborative approach that enables our clients’ visuals to complement the text and the text to augment the visuals.

Meet Our Creative Director

You are in great hands.

Mark DaGrossa

Mark DaGrossa

As our Creative Director, Mark leads teams of staff resources and a robust network of designers, illustrators, and photo researchers to create the perfect look and feel for the variety of projects for our education publishing clients. The breadth of experience in Mark’s team means we can offer a wide spectrum of visual options for our customers, either expanding an existing look and feel or working with our clients to create a new visual approach.

Contact us and let's talk about how our team can help you with the art & design for your educational publishing projects.