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Educators and parents are all calling for more social emotional learning (SEL) resources to be included in every grade as part of the educational curriculum for their children. SEL provides for a more comprehensive education—developing the whole student rather than focusing solely on academics. Research has shown that students who participate in SEL programs score higher academically and enjoy longer-term benefits as well. The Westchester Education Services team can help publishers and ed tech providers apply SEL concepts within their existing subject matter content or can guide the development of new programs.

SEL Development

Programs developed with SEL expertise, free from unintentional bias and sensitivity concerns, can revolutionize the educational experience and help students communicate, care for themselves and one another, and learn together more effectively. Westchester applies best practices in the development of your solutions.

Our Expertise

We understand SEL. We recognize that many traditional curricula do not meet the needs of the whole child, often privileging academic learning over character growth. We understand how to develop materials that embody SEL concepts and engage students at multiple levels, drawing upon the best practices as defined by Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), a leader in SEL education.

We have trained resources. Our team has worked on large-scale programs as well as intimately focused products from conceptualization to print. We have an in-depth understanding of SEL and participate in training to remain up-to-date with best practices, client requests, and ever-evolving market needs.

We develop exemplary products. We bring a collective and deep knowledge of trends, research, and educational experience to the work we produce. We’ve worked with companies like StrongMind to help incorporate SEL concepts into their platform, developed interactivity experiences for core subjects such as math and literacy, and provided social emotional learning review and analysis for existing content to identify gaps or areas for improvement.

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Our content teams use state standards to help customers drive content decisions, from crosswalking old standards to new for updating programs, to curriculum mapping and more.

From expanding your existing illustrations to crafting new imagery, our highly experienced creative team can develop gorgeous and engaging graphics for your products and marketing programs.

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