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Westchester Education Services is honored to help hundreds of educational publishers and ed tech companies with their projects. From content development and culturally responsive content reviews, to full-service solutions including design, production, and project management, we consistently provide high-quality deliverables that meet and exceed our client's expectations. We're pleased to share a few of those stories here.

Educators are calling for materials that provide mirrors in which children can see themselves and windows through which they can understand the lives of others. To meet this need, education publishers and ed tech providers face myriad challenges to review, update, and create their materials.

Read more about how Westchester helped an ed tech provider operationalize their commitment to culturally responsive education.

A client was developing a teachers’ edition of a new core literacy program for elementary grade level students by consolidating existing content from multiple print and digital supplementary programs. Some of the materials only existed in outdated formats, requiring complex editorial and production skillsets when integrating the programs to ensure a coherent new look and feel.

Read more about how Westchester successfully transformed 7 supplemental programs into 1 set of core student and teacher programs.

Age of Learning, a leading education technology provider, needed highly engaging artwork that would affirm the cultural identities of the characters in the series, and could be animated to accompany the voice-over narration.

Read more about how Westchester helped bring this series to life.

A client was developing a new middle-school Algebra Readiness math program, incorporating scaffolded learning concepts within their assessment content. They needed a partner who could produce a large volume of high-quality content in a compressed time period, had experience creating content directly in their preferred assessment authoring system, and had the expertise to develop new, accurate assessment items with a depth of knowledge and adherence to Common Core State Standards.

Read more about how Westchester met all their objectives within a compressed time period.

Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a philanthropic organization, wanted to increase the opportunities for their Discovering Heroes program to be included in school districts’ regular curriculum, but they lacked the in-house expertise to accomplish this. The client approached Westchester Education Services seeking editorial and design services for their materials.

Read more about how Westchester helped create a scope and sequence framework that was easy to navigate, understand, and implement.

A publisher had created a series of bilingual stories for children who were Spanish-first speakersbased on retellings of Western folk tales such as The Three Little Pigs and The Ugly Duckling. The content was not engaging to the children or their extended family members, who were not familiar with these stories. The publisher was seeking a solution that would be appealing for young readers while also respecting their Latinx heritage.

Read more about how Westchester's diverse editorial and illustration resources developed and delivered a set of four beautifully illustrated traditional folktales to the client that were written in Spanish and English, empowering the publisher to expand their audience to reach Spanish-speaking parents and caretakers.

Illuminate Publishing had contracted with an author team to create an AQA GCSE statistics textbook. This book used extensive visuals, including tech art, charts, and graphs, as well as rich four-color imagery. Illuminate needed an experienced design, art, and production team to transform this manuscript into a four-color textbook.

Read More about how Westchester worked with the client to meet the deadlines required for review by the GCSE exam board, stay on budget, and produce a widely-used, engaging math program in the UK.

Activate magazine page re-produced

The Lorenz Corporation is a large music publisher that publishes a wide range of material for choirs, church music, and music educators. Lorenz had developed several designs for Activate!, their quarterly lessons magazine for music educators, prior to coming to Westchester. However, the previous versions did not adequately address user needs. The design was inconsistent between lessons, with features appearing in a non-predictable manner. The Lorenz team found that it was hard for educators to rely on the design to help them find lessons that fit their teaching needs.

Read More about how Westchester's production and designers created a master template and guidelines that would function as the guidepost for the client's future editions.