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Our educational curriculum development team helps publishers of basal and supplemental instructional material conceptualize and create market-leading programs for both print and digital. Our team works seamlessly with clients to craft creative, engaging content for student editions, teacher editions, readers, workbooks, online programs, test prep, games, video scripts, interactive content, and more.

We can help you with direction and preparation in the following areas:

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Our literacy team has decades of experience creating, updating and aligning literacy content for preK, elementary, middle school, and high school curriculum. Read More

Our decades of experience and deep understanding of educational frameworks, state and national standards, including Common Core, enable us to provide high quality math content. Read More

Westchester Education Services knows that creating a strong awareness of scientific principles is important to prepare students for the future. Read More

We are committed to creating high-quality social studies content that provides effective learning vehicles to help students decipher the world around them. Read More

As part of the educational curriculum, social emotional learning (SEL) provides for a comprehensive education developing the whole student rather than focusing solely on academics. Read More

Applying the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion when creating educational content ensures that all students have materials that they can relate to and helps develop empathy for others. Read More

Our ELT programs employ an assemblage of highly skilled talent and rely on solid infrastructure to fine-tune content that satisfies aptitude, motivation, learner differences, and program goals. Read More

We stand on robust research to meticulously craft and deliver content that fits the demands of minority language education, multilingualism, multiculturalism, biliteracy, and bilingualism. Read More

CTE is an important component of the modern American education system. Today’s students and parents seek a clear connection between learning and meaningful future employment. Read More

Whether you have a stand-alone project or need a full-service approach that leverages any or all of Westchester’s service areas, we have the capabilities you can rely upon.

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