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The printed page is one of many mediums by which today's learners access and engage with educational content. Westchester partners with other respected companies that have proven capabilities to expand the reach of the content we create across multiple platforms.

FableVision Studios is a multimedia design and development firm that creates interactive activities, games, animated films, websites, mobile apps, e-books, and graphic novels. Westchester and FableVision Studios work together to identify and collaborate on projects that leverage each company’s core strengths to serve the needs of the global educational market.

To learn more about FableVision Studios and the services they provide, please visit Fablevision's website.

Learnosity is an Ireland-based ed tech company specializing in assessment solutions that enable organizations across a wide range of sectors to easily incorporate powerful assessment capabilities into any digital product. Westchester and Learnosity combine their complementary capabilities to develop engaging, innovative content that seamlessly integrates into client assessment systems. Visit Learonsity's website to see how Westchester has partnered to create custom content on the Learnosity platform.