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Benefitting from over 50 years of experience as part of one of America's largest book production firms, the Westchester Education Services production services team is adept in all market-leading production tools. Our experience includes traditional page layout, as well as integrated InDesign/InCopy workflows and XML tagging.

Our expertise includes:

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Partnership with Fablevision Studios

Fablevision logoFableVision Studios is a multimedia design and development firm that creates interactive activities, games, linear and short-form animation, websites, mobile apps, e-books, and graphic novels. Our partnership with Fablevision Studios enables us to provide our clients with a multi-channel solution that includes content and experiences in digital and print.  


Some examples of our production work:

Meet our Head of Production

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Chris Herrfurth

Chris Herrfurth

Chris is our education production manager and oversees a large network of staff, freelance domestic resources, and offshore staff in Noida and Chennai. This exclusive combination of Westchester's production resources provides flexibility along with a level of quality, affordability, and customer service that vendors with production teams based fully offshore simply cannot match. Chris spent years on the production teams at Mazer and TSI and is adept at leveraging technology to streamline production workflows. This background enables Chris' team to implement complex workflows with precision, processing thousands of pages efficiently and accurately.