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Communication is key to great project management, especially when executing complex projects. The Westchester Education Services project management team is highly valued for its communication, transparency, and attention to detail. Our project managers are the communication hub at the center of all of our projects. Each project management team works with each of the team leads, including editorial, art, design, and production, as well as with our client representatives, to ensure that every project is delivered with high quality and remains in scope, on schedule, and within budget.

"Your team is working wonders and we appreciate all your hard work in helping us meet our dates." - Senior Content Director, large supplemental reading publisher

"Thanks so much for creating the detailed cost/invoice tracker - it's simply fantastic!" - Operations VP, major supplemental publisher


Our project managers are responsible for ensuring that each project moves smoothly and effectively through the workflows, serving as client advocates in the following ways:

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Roger Market

Roger Market

Roger leads a team devoted to meeting customer expectations. Our clients count on our project management team to create and track against schedules while keeping an eye on project budgets and ensuring communications across projects. Under the Westchester model, the project manager owns the project, so if a project starts to veer off-spec, expect our project management team to raise a flag and schedule a meeting to bring it back on track.