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Extending your product line?

Moving into a new state or seeking to take an international curriculum into the US market?

Revamping an older program to respond to current market needs?

In any of these situations, you need support from industry leaders who know education and deeply understand how teachers, administrators, students, and parents think. Westchester has the market acumen and pedagogical knowledge to help you develop your concept in order to respond to market opportunities.

Our content directors bring decades of experience to our product development teams. Their teams have experience in the classroom, at publishers, and at vendors. The team is well-versed in current trends in their specific subject areas and works with teachers and industry experts to understand the changing pressures within classrooms and districts. So whether you are looking to develop a scope and sequence based on multiple state standards, to create prototypes for your sales and marketing teams, conduct upstream market research, or are starting an initial curriculum mapping program to determine what development you need to consider, count on Westchester’s team for custom consulting that goes beyond your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Case Studies

Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a philanthropic organization, wanted to increase the opportunities for their Discovering Heroes program to be included in school districts’ regular curriculum, but they lacked the expertise in-house needed to accomplish this. The client approached Westchester Education Services seeking editorial and design services for their materials.

Read more about how Westchester helped create a scope and sequence framework that was easy to navigate, understand and implement.

scope and sequence for Discovering Heroes Series

Educators are calling for materials that provide mirrors in which children can see themselves and windows through which they can understand the lives of others.

To meet this need, one ed tech provider made a commitment to review their existing materials as well as ensure that newly developed materials would be created through a culturally responsive lens. Their vision is to provide the highest quality culturally responsive K-12 educational content in the market. They knew they needed an in-depth training resource and detailed editorial guidelines.

Read more about how Westchester helped an ed tech provider operationalize their commitment to culturally responsive education.

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Meet our Content Directors

You are in great hands.

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer has led teams to produce hundreds of thousands of hours of student and teacher content for learners at all grade levels. She has worked both in-house at publishers such as Houghton Mifflin and Sundance, and for educational vendors including MPS and KGL. Jennifer is skilled at helping clients dream products become reality.


Laura Cunningham

Laura Cunningham

Laura draws upon her background as a science educator in public schools, along with her management and executive editorial roles at multiple content development companies. In this role, Laura leads the teams that deliver learning materials for our clients that align with national education requirements, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core Math, and state-specific academic measures.