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You can count on Westchester to deliver educationally appropriate materials. You can also count on them to be of the highest quality level, thanks to our editorial services team.

We provide a range of editorial services, including:

  • Copyediting
  • Fact-checking
  • Proofreading
  • Online testing
  • Page reviews

Customers trust our content & editorial teams to deliver relevant, engaging, high-quality educational materials that meet and align with state standards. Our copyeditors are well-versed in industry style standards, including Chicago Manual of Style, and in developing style sheets for individual client house styles. They work in manuscript, InCopy, PDFs, or online systems.

Our fact-checkers have been trained in best practices and are accustomed to adapting processes to correspond with client fact-checking requirements and workflows.  

Our editorial services team also ensures post-manuscript content is accurate and highly polished, be it through checking page proofs during production edits and proofreads or through alpha, beta, and gold reviews of online interactives, games, animations, or videos.

You can count on our entire editorial services team to ensure that the quality of the presentation matches the quality of instruction for all formats of your finished product.