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Career and technical education (CTE) is an important component of the modern American education system. Beyond a concentration in science, math, cultures, and literature, today’s students and parents seek a clear connection between learning and meaningful future employment. And employers expect those entering the workforce to be skilled and ready to work. CTE programs emphasize career readiness and promote skills needed for high-demand fields, enabling students to build successful careers and employers to find qualified staff.

We understand that CTE is comprehensive—a good program not only focuses on career and technical knowledge but also develops life skills, features hands-on learning, applies academic rigor, encourages student choice, and prioritizes successful student outcomes. We also know that CTE reflects local needs and that the development of CTE materials requires subject matter expertise and an individualized approach.

CTE Solutions

Our team helps publishers, ed tech companies, and other providers of CTE materials develop engaging student, teacher, and assessment resources. We assist clients in creating and enhancing curricular components for several essential areas of CTE:

  • Career Exploration and Work-Based Learning Success
  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
  • Business Management and Administration, Finance, and Marketing
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Restaurant and Food/Beverage Services

Our Expertise

We understand the CTE market. We recognize the unmet need for CTE materials addressing rapidly growing and crucial spheres such as allied health, food production, and cybersecurity.

We are selective. Our team understands how to make career and technical content accessible to student audiences. We have a broad network of vetted subject matter experts, writers, and editors enthusiastic about CTE work. These individuals have expertise in specific career clusters and use that expertise to bring depth, creativity, authority, and authenticity to the materials we create for our clients.

We develop exemplary products. As an active participant in the industry, we bring a collective and deep knowledge of trends, legislative awareness, and educational experience to the CTE work we produce. We’ve worked with institutions, as well as print and digital providers to develop engaging products that will help students explore high-demand careers along the national pathways. Our personalized approach ensures that each client’s vision and requirements are met, on time and within budget.

Download our Career Exploration Worksheets, designed to help middle school students learn about various career pathways. Developed for our Ohio community, these worksheets represent the custom approach we can take related to CTE. The worksheets can be adapted for additional regions.


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Work Examples

For a full-service solution, learn more about how we can help you with:

Add our proven, high-quality, and accurate copyediting, fact-checking, proofreading, online testing services, and more. Our ed services team has deep experience creating style sheets and other editorial guidelines.

From ePubs, to XML, digital, and traditional page production services, our production team can fulfill your production needs.

Westchester’s project management team is highly valued for its communication, transparency, and attention to detail. Clients always know the status and stage of their projects in progress.

We can help translate student materials, teacher materials, academic translations, journals, fiction and non-fiction pieces, course books, and ancillaries.

Westchester has the market acumen and pedagogy knowledge to help you develop scope and sequence based on multiple state standards, create prototypes, conduct market research, and more.

Our content teams use state standards to help customers drive content decisions, from crosswalking old standards to new for updating programs, to curriculum mapping and more.

From expanding your existing illustrations to crafting new imagery, our highly experienced creative team can develop gorgeous and engaging graphics for your products and marketing programs.

The design and art team creates imaginative, attention-grabbing layouts for your educational content.

Offload the management of the art & media assets to Westchester, from photo research, permissions review and more.

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