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Because civic engagement is more important than ever, Westchester Education Services is committed to high-quality social studies content development that provides the most effective learning vehicles to help students decipher the world around them. Our team develops student and teacher social studies materials for all grade levels that help students acquire the skills they need to engage successfully with the world. You can count on Westchester's social studies team to develop engaging national and state-specific programs for your next state adoption or national product launch.

Our expertise includes direction and preparation of the following:

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Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer leads the social studies team. Prior to joining Westchester as Content Director, Literacy, Humanities, and Languages, Jennifer worked for education publishers, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Sundance Publishing, to create market-leading humanities programs. Jennifer leads a cadre of experienced writers and editors to develop materials that captivate young readers across a variety of components. Our team is focused and passionate about creating high-quality content for both students and teachers.

For a full-service solution, learn more about how we can help you with:

Add our proven, high-quality, and accurate copyediting, fact-checking, proofreading, online testing services, and more. Our ed services team has deep experience creating style sheets and other editorial guidelines.

From ePubs, to XML, digital, and traditional page production services, our production team can fulfill your production needs.

Westchester’s project management team is highly valued for its communication, transparency, and attention to detail. Clients always know the status and stage of their projects in progress.

We can help translate student materials, teacher materials, academic translations, journals, fiction and non-fiction pieces, course books, and ancillaries.

Westchester has the market acumen and pedagogy knowledge to help you develop scope and sequence based on multiple state standards, create prototypes, conduct market research, and more.

Our content teams use state standards to help customers drive content decisions, from crosswalking old standards to new for updating programs, to curriculum mapping and more.

From expanding your existing illustrations to crafting new imagery, our highly experienced creative team can develop gorgeous and engaging graphics for your products and marketing programs.

The design and art team creates imaginative, attention-grabbing layouts for your educational content.

Offload the management of the art & media assets to Westchester, from photo research, permissions review and more.

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