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Kevin J. Gray, President and Chief Content Officer

Dave Bailis and Adam Wilkinson in the Westchester Education Services BETT 2023 stand, London, UKWe recently exhibited at BETT 2023, with this year’s event welcoming the largest ever audience of people within the education and ed tech sectors, from start-ups to well-known international technology and publishing companies. Our team enjoyed many productive conversations with attendees, learning about their companies’ growth strategies.

These are a few key observations that came up consistently in our discussions:

  1. Content and artwork development services, particularly in the subject areas of ELT (English Language Teaching) and STEM generated considerable interest among companies we met with. The number of students who speak a language other than English continues to grow, and schools are in need of specialized learning materials that support language acquisition and fluency.
  2. Companies are seeking educational content to support English Language Teaching that also reinforces the concepts of diversity and inclusion. These are fundamental constructs that the Inclusive Readers series addresses. The series has been developed by Westchester Education UK and International and is available to license. In addition to being CEFR-levelled, the series also has ancillaries, and related interactive activities.
  3. Internationally-based companies who are looking to expand into the United States market need help with customizing and extending content to meet the specific needs of the US market. Westchester Education Services can support this by providing curriculum mapping, gap filling, and customization services.
  4. Similarly, for companies seeking to enter into the United Kingdom or other ‘English first’ markets outside North America, Westchester Education UK and International can help you achieve those goals by providing strategic consulting, upstream market research, and gap analysis, to ensure the development of culturally appropriate materials that maximize inclusivity within each market.

If you’re encountering similar challenges with your content needs, Westchester Education Services provides a comprehensive range of customized product development solutions specifically for the needs of ed tech companies and education publishers around the world. Download our catalog and let’s schedule a convenient meeting to explore how we can be your trusted content partner, helping you deliver your products to more students.

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