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Case Study: Tunnels to Towers Foundation, Using Scope and Sequence Development

Their challenge:

Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a philanthropic organization, wanted to increase the opportunities for their Discovering Heroes program to be included in school districts’ regular curriculum, but they lacked the expertise in-house needed to accomplish this. The client approached Westchester Education Services seeking editorial and design services for their materials.

How Westchester Helped:

We explained how the development of scope and sequence documents aligned with national standards for literacy and social studies would help properly convey the product’s key information to educators and administrators. Then we developed and delivered a framework that was easy to navigate and understand, and also provided the required context to explain the lessons content for each grade level.

The Outcome:

Tunnels to Towers Foundation was extremely pleased with Westchester's ability to understand their voice and mission, affirming their belief that we had the capabilities the project required. They are confident that the scope and sequence will enable them to expand the sales of their program into new markets.