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Society is increasingly using data to inform decisions, and mathematics is essential to the analysis and synthesis of that data. Westchester Education Services knows that a strong understanding of numeracy is paramount to preparing students for the future. That’s why Westchester's math content development team stands out as a resource known for developing high-quality, successful mathematics content.

Laura Cunningham, our Content Director, STEM, leads our mathematics team and manages a talented group of experienced writers and editors. Laura draws on her teaching background and her experience with writing and editing classroom materials for content development providers to help education companies develop highly engaging math products. Her deep understanding of the subject area, plus her experienced team of resources, translates into high-quality math programs that meet the needs of students and teachers.

Our wide-ranging math capabilities include:

  • Math content review, update, and development for:
    • primary and elementary grade programs
    • middle-grade programs
    • Algebra I programs
    • Algebra II programs
    • Geometry programs
    • teacher guides
    • student workbooks
    • state test preparation materials (student and teacher guides)
    • state requirements for core and supplemental math materials
    • assessments
      • tech-enhanced items (TEI)
      • diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments
      • design via our partnership with Learnosity or other learning management platforms
  • Script development for interactive digital math programs
  • Guideline development and planning
  • Scope and sequence development

If you need help with math imagery to support your mathematics content, turn to our art, design and production teams for a full-service solution.

You can depend on Westchester’s mathematics content development team to develop high-quality, engaging math content for your next program. We stand ready to help you. Contact us today.