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For several months now, Westchester K-12 has participated in an initiative to provide funding to a worthy project selected from the many requests submitted by public school teachers to the website. We receive a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that children who are generally from lower-income communities will have access to vital supplies and materials that help them to receive an education which allows them to reach their full potential.

We recently received an update from a teacher’s whose project we had provided financial assistance for, and to say it made our day is an understatement. Her gratitude for receiving a modest request that makes a complete difference in the way she is able to teach underpins why Westchester K-12 does the work we do to support educational publishers.  Thank you to Mrs. Frazier for sharing this update:

Donors Choose project update 9-4-19

You can read more about the project for Mrs. Frazier’s classroom in this blog post.

School is now back in session throughout the country, making it a great time to visit the DonorsChoose website to select a project in need of funding.

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