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Every month, one member of the Westchester K-12 team has the opportunity to make a positive difference by contributing to a classroom project on that is in need of funding. For the month of September, Roger Market, Senior Project Manager, tells us about the project he chose to support.

Name/Location of School: Carondelet Leadership Academy in Saint Louis, MO

Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Johnson

Grade Level: 3-5

Subject (if applicable): Literature & Writing

Project description: The project is called “Want to be a Great Writer?“, and is intended to teach the students how to improve their writing skills, along with as Mrs. Johnson wrote, “helping them turn thoughts into great stories”. It is important for Mrs. Johnson to give her students the tools they need to turn the thoughts in their imaginations and their experiences into compelling stories they can share with the world.

Why did you select this project? As a creative writer myself, I was drawn to this project because it serves a new generation of writers who are just getting started in their craft. Writing skills are increasingly important in a world where anyone can share opinions, ideas, and stories with billions of other people. What better way to impact the world’s discourse in a positive way than to help develop the voices of its youngest, most open-minded occupants?

If the teacher has contacted you since their project was funded, please share their comments:

Dear Westchester K-12 Publishing Services,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The students and teachers are going to put these books for third grade writing to good use. The third grade teachers will be so excited to hear that my project was fully funded. We couldn’t do it without great people like you in this world.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Johnson

How did it feel to be able to help fund this classroom’s project?

Helping to fund a project like this, just days before the deadline, feels incredible. Tomorrow, the students in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom will have learning opportunities they didn’t have yesterday—and might not have had at all without this project. I’m excited for these students and the stories they will tell.

Your generosity can write a happy ending to a funding story for students in a public school classroom somewhere in this country. Visit the DonorsChoose website today to find a project that appeals to your interests.


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