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Carol Wilson

Westchester Education Services is very pleased to welcome Carol Wilson as the Director of Client Solutions.

Carol has been a pioneer in educational technology for more than 22 years. She has worked closely with classroom teachers, principals and district administrators, motivated to achieve best practices with technology infusion into teaching and learning with high energy. Carol’s engagements with school districts and educators has provided her with valuable insights and will help the publishers she works with to obtain a more complete understanding about how to fully engage with the market to develop products that will support educators and students.

Carol’s expertise in the field of eLearning started with the Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC) founded by Dr. Patrick Supes, Stanford University, who pioneered the computerized learning movement. The Computer Curriculum Corporation was the first company to pursue interactive computer-assisted learning in the classroom.  In an effort to accelerate classroom learning, Carol’s passion for introducing technology into the education world has crossed income, class and color lines.  Carol has worked with a number of education companies including Pearson, Edmentum and Renaissance, with a clear focus on striving to introduce the best solutions designed to create successful student outcomes.

Carol is looking forward to working with Westchester’s clients in this evolving education ecosystem. She is excited to be working with technologies that have a positive impact on learning for all students and educators, including the newest educators called “Parents”.

Contact us to learn more about how Carol and the entire Westchester Education Services team can help you with your product development objectives.

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