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by Kevin J. Gray, Managing Director

This quote shows up on LinkedIn pretty frequently, due to how true it is:

Boss: What if we invest in training people on the latest technology and skills and they leave?”

Manager: What if we don’t and they stay?”

It’s important that your production team keeps their skills up to date. Doing so means providing the latest tools and training, thereby preventing delivery delays.

Production Manager Chris Herrfurth brings a combination of experience and continued education to his leadership of our production team. As the production process has evolved from paste-up layouts to technically-advanced digital workflows, Chris has continually added new capabilities to his knowledge base. He also draws upon his creative background as an illustrator and designer, with a strong understanding of how pages and files need to be prepared in order to ensure a successful output when they go to print. As production manager, Chris works with his team to ensure that they also stay current, often providing video trainings for specific programs to ensure team members are maximizing their use of their toolsets.

External competition can also prove to be a strong motivator in helping your team keep their skills sharp. Have you looked at your competitors’ products recently to see what you like about them – then worked with your teams and vendors to determine how their skills can help you further innovate your product line?

By providing your team with access to ongoing training, you’re making a valuable investment in the future vitality of your company. In addition, you are investing in the success and satisfaction of the individuals who will help your business continue to thrive.

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