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Westchester Words is geared towards publishing industry professionals and others who are equally passionate about the creation of education content, books, and the business of publishing. These short, information-packed episodes feature conversations focused on topics including culturally responsive education, project management considerations, diversity, equity, and inclusion, supply chain impacts, the general state of the publishing industry, and much more.

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Latest Episode

Applying a global perspective to improve English Language teaching

In this episode of Westchester Words, Rebecca Durose-Croft and Jennifer Cole explain how a global perspective is beneficial when developing content to meet the specific requirements of English Language learners.…

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Recent Episodes

Streamlining Product Development with a Solutions Partner Network

Kevin J. Gray, President and Chief Content Officer of Westchester Education Services has a conversation with Gina Faulk of EdGate, and Johanna Wetmore from Evotext about how working with a…

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Funding and Policy Impacts for US K-12 Education in 2023

Jay Diskey discusses what education publishers and ed tech companies should be aware of in terms of federal and state funding, state subject adoption requirements, and other policy initiatives that…

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Disability is Part of the DEI Conversation

Educational publishing professional Andrea Bown discusses her experiences living and working with a visible disability, and why it’s important for people with disabilities to be included as active participants within…

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