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by Tyler M. Carey, Chief Revenue Officer

Dayton Metro LibraryLast week, Westchester’s K-12 division brought our managers into our Dayton, Ohio office for a day of meetings and strategy sessions.  Our K-12 managers from all over the country came in, and we even had the pleasure of Walter Henderson joining us from his seasonal home in France.  Over the course of the day, we covered many areas related to our content development, art, design, and production services, including:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – We believe strongly as a company in fostering the right approach to hiring and growing our business, and this impacts the type of content we create, too. Our Resources Manager, Nilofer Ali, who is responsible for implementing our DEI initiatives, will expand upon this in upcoming blog posts.
  • Key projects we recently completed for clients in both traditional printed educational materials as well as digital content for the EdTech space
  • Our increasing presence in the UK and Irish educational markets
  • The expansion of our design, illustration, and production options both here in the US as well as abroad
  • Related to the above two topics, Walter’s presence was especially helpful. We have been growing our resources to support programs for ELT content and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), so his global perspective was key to discussions related to serving the growing needs of learners domestically and around the world.

As a company with two main offices in the US, additional offices in India and the UK, and the resulting distributed workforce here and around the globe, opportunities to get teams together to meet in person are not as regular as companies with just one office and location.  While we’re all regular users of Zoom, Skype, and the like, it’s an important and useful endeavor as a company to gather everybody together in person to do our annual check-in on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

If you have a distributed workforce, multiple locations and more, I’d be interested to learn how you engage with your teams. I would also welcome the chance to have a discussion about where you see your lists going with the increasing interests for content to have a more global and diverse perspective.  Contact us, and let Westchester know how we can help you.

Westchester K-12 team, October 2019

From left to right: Roger Market, Chris Herrfurth,
Nilofer Ali, Kevin J. Gray, Jalen Turner, Paul Crecca, Mark DaGrossa,
Tim Cross, Dave Bailis,
Walter Henderson, and Tyler M. Carey

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