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by Kevin J. Gray, President and Chief Content Officer

The staff at employee-owned Westchester Education Services appreciates your partnership, and I wanted to take a moment to update you to our response to the Coronavirus pandemic. First and foremost, our commitment is to ensure the safety and health of all Westchester associates and their families in the US, India, and the UK. Within that commitment to our associates and their families, Westchester is taking the following steps to ensure the best possible level of service to all clients.

In the US and the UK

  • Our US education resources work both out of our Dayton, Ohio, office and remotely around the country. These resources are all accustomed to, and regularly, work remotely and are doing so now to minimize risks.
  • Over the course of the last three years, Westchester Education Services has invested heavily in cloud-based technology, so all files are available remotely as a normal course of business.
  • Our teams are meeting regularly with their supervisors to review project status and each have discussed backup plans should resources fall ill. We draw on a large bench of staff and freelance support and have the capacity to shift project loads as needed to ensure continuity of service.
  • Additionally, our parent company, Westchester Publishing Services, located in Danbury, Connecticut, has also invested to migrate its most important production systems to cloud-based technology and browser access and is working to test capabilities of those associates working from home. That group has implemented a 100% work from home policy for US associates effective March 16.
  • Finally, our Education Services and Publishing Services management teams meet regularly to discuss ways we can share services and serve as backups for one another as needed.

In India – Noida & Chennai

  • Any Education Services work done in India is delivered out of our Noida Editorial Services Like our US-based resources, the Noida team is quite accustomed to working remotely. Preparation for that team is similar to what is being undertaken in our US Education Offices, with the infrastructure already in place to allow continuity of service.
  • Our Chennai Composition/Typesettingoffice, which handles most of our non-education accounts, is connected to the same cloud-based production systems as the US and is following similar protocols, where possible, as the Danbury team.
  • Additionally, we are lining up additional US-based typesetting support, in the event that severely reduced workforces in India cannot keep up with demand. Please note additional costs may be incurred if offshore work needs to be delivered via the US-teams.

We will keep you apprised of any further steps we take to address the ways we serve you during this time. Everybody at Westchester appreciates your continued partnership during these changes impacting us all, and wish the best for you and your colleagues as well. Please use the Contact Us form to reach out if you have any feedback, needs we can help with, or ideas for working from home during these times.

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