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In the Community - project fundingEach month, a member of the Westchester K-12 team has the opportunity to make a positive impact on students by contributing to a classroom project that needs funding on For the month of July, Dave Bailis, STEM Content Director, shares details about the project he selected:

Tell us about your project: Ms. Laney is a 5th-grade teacher at Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Elementary School’s Paideia Community Academy in Chicago. Her class needed headphones for her students to use with their Chromebooks. When students are fully engaged in their Chromebook activities, it allows Ms. Laney the freedom to differentiate math and reading throughout the classroom.

Name/Location of School: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Paideia Community Academy, Chicago, IL (South Side of Chicago)

Teacher’s Name: Ms. Laney

Grade Level: 5

Subject (if applicable): Mathematics and Literacy

Project description: With new headphones, the students will be able to listen to stories being read to them. This will give access to students who may struggle with reading and will help with their comprehension skills. Students will also be able to listen to demonstrations about how to do math problems. Students can also use for math program to help with fluency by playing games and become fluent in multiplication and division which will help when they do fractions. It will assist the teacher in working with small groups because the noise of all the other computers will be less, allowing students in her small group to concentrate on the task at hand.

Why did you select this project? I wanted to choose a project in an area where the most impact would be felt, as well as in subject areas (math and reading) and at a grade level (5th), where the most difference can be made. Helping the teacher to differentiate the curriculum with her students (she mentioned many students that are several grades above and below grade level), will make her teaching the most effective it can be.

If the teacher has contacted you since their project was funded, please share their comments:

Dear Westchester K-12 Publishing Services,

I truly appreciate your gift. This will really help me and my students this year. My students will be able to stay on task while working with their technology. I will be able to work in small groups and be more productive because I won’t have to worry about the extra noise from computers.

With gratitude,
Ms. Laney

How did it feel to be able to help fund this classroom’s project?

Absolutely amazing! I am such a strong believer in teacher-led differentiation of curriculum through the use of technology. This donation is to a class that will do just that for students who need it the most. I am so happy to be a part of a wonderful, thoughtful, and caring donation program from Westchester K-12!

School is now back in session in many parts of the country, and public school teachers need projects funded to help their classrooms be successful this school year. Visit the website to learn about projects in your area that you can contribute to.


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