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by Kevin Schroeder, Director of Client Solutions

Making my first visit to the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Conference and my first conference in the post COVID landscape was a great opportunity to meet with a wide variety of thought leaders, educators, and vendors unified in the effort of educating our youth in the humanities.  As a former Social Studies teacher, this was a great opportunity to talk with so many folks passionate about the subject that I pursued a degree in and taught at the Middle School and High School level.  This was prior to moving into the publishing industry where I have been now for over fourteen years.

One particular message that resonated throughout the conference and the keynotes as well as the many breakout sessions, was the need to reach all students where they are at.  The push for Culturally Responsive Educational (CRE) materials is here and shows no signs of slowing, no matter any obstacles that may be in the way.  There is an imperative to reach all students as the status quo for teaching and curriculum is not good enough.  Within Social Studies especially this need is of the utmost importance, as an understanding of the societal contributions of so many underrepresented groups are essential and provides the only true picture of our national and world history.

Throughout conversations I had at the conference about the importance of this work, it became clear how much of an impact we can have with our partnerships and CRE reviews that we do for our partners that can make a profound difference in the lives of individual learners who have an opportunity to see themselves in programs.  Social Studies, by its very definition, needs to be a leader in this space as it is absolutely essential for us to reach the younger generation and ensure that they feel a belonging and sense of connectedness within our society.

We here at Westchester Education Services are proud of the work we do to further this cause and make educational content relevant for all students.  If you would like to talk more about how we can help in this regard please reach out.

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