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by Walter Henderson, Jr., Senior Supervising Editor, ELT

Due to the global pandemic, UNESCO estimates that more than 90% of the world’s children can no longer attend regular classes. Many have now been redirected to online learning. However, as reported by EdWeek, students learning English may be inadvertently left behind.

Westchester recommends three very attractive online resources that may appeal to English-language learners and teachers alike. These web tools can be used independently, in an online class setting, and even with parents.

  • Sounds of SpeechThis resource demonstrates American English speech. Lively video animations and audio recordings show how the mouth, lips, teeth, tongue and throat work together to produce authentic language. This website is particularly attractive for students and teachers who want to improve and practice pronunciation.
  • BBC Learning EnglishThis well-known online resource features tons of ideas and activities for both ELT students and teachers. There are frequent updates and it is free! There is a little bit of something for everyone with English-language proficiency levels ranging from basic to advanced English. The website also features interesting podcasts that supplement ELT grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading lessons.
  • ELLOWith more than 2,500 interesting lessons, ELLO presents listening activities and games that are relevant to students and their varied interests. ELLO helps English-language learners by exposing them to authentic videos of native and non-native English speakers from worldwide. Students can closely identify with speakers by choosing the nationality, topic, lesson type, and topics they would like to hear.

We have also compiled these additional language-learning resources that you may find useful.

Westchester Education Services believes creative, innovative content can help teachers and students, wherever they are located. Blending proven pedagogical methods with engaging art and design that helps students grasp and retain the concepts, we work with education publishers and ed tech providers of all sizes to develop materials to support the language and translation requirements of English Language Learners.

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