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by Kevin J. Gray, President and Chief Content Officer

student learning from homeIn the first weeks of the crisis, attention focused on building online classrooms and getting students access. Challenges in those areas still persist, but an additional focus is now on student wellbeing. A recent article published in EdSurge tracks the emotional state of US students, noticing several worrisome trends as students have struggled to adjust to the online learning shift. The EdSurge article provides some good reminders of what students are facing. It also provides tips on how to monitor student wellbeing (for instance, looking for shifts in tone in student writing) and provides additional links to relevant resources.

It’s clear that social-emotional learning (SEL), already a growing area, will be key to keeping students safe and engaged. This will be especially true as the country adapts to the next phases of this pandemic and navigates the back-to-school season this fall. Westchester has helped developed several large SEL programs and can help you incorporate best practices into your programs.

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