Why are supplemental materials important?

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by Kevin J. Gray, Managing Director

In many districts, comprehensive core programs are the curriculum cornerstone for educators because they provide the foundation students require to learn important concepts. However, in many US classrooms, supplemental materials also play an important role, augmenting instruction and addressing foundational skills that core programs may not. A recent article from EdReports.org, an organization that rates educational materials, explores the role of supplemental materials in classrooms.

In this report, EdReports delves into the need for supplemental materials that address foundational skills. They unpack what to look for when purchasing supplemental materials and how best to integrate them into classrooms.

As educators search for effective materials in their classrooms, Westchester K-12 is proud to be a resource that educational publishers can rely upon to help them create the high-quality materials for both supplemental and core programs. Visit our website to learn more about our experienced staff, and download our services catalog.

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